Previously Owned Items For Sale

This page is for use of individuals only, with "used" items for sale, no commercial sales, please. To place your ad, please e-mail pictures (in .jpg format) and the information for your ad (In the body of your e-mail) to prunepicker@simplynet.netWith the information you submit.

When e-mailing pictures (limit of 6 pictures maximum), please resize them to 640 pixels wide, then save your resized pictures under a new file name as not to lose your original picture.

Note: Here is a link to the "PHOTO RESIZER PROGRAM". If you do not have a resizer program. Please use it.
Click here to download the Photo Resizer Program

Your ad must include your name, e-mail address, phone number(s) and address.

There is a $50.00 charge to place your ad on this page, (it takes time to prepare your ad, and like you, I expect to be paid for my time.)),

Once the item has been sold, there is an additional charge is 1% of selling price ($10,000 selling price would be $100.00 charge, and the maximum charge would be $200.00 (once the item has sold), regardless of the amount your item sells for).

The payments made for this service will go to maintain the Six Old Geezers Site web site and keep this for sale page active for others to use. Remember, you can not place an ad in a newspaper with pictures as inexpensive as this. I am depending on your honesty to pay the balance once your item has sold to keep this site going.

Also, once your ad goes up, consider placing a simple ad in a local newspaper, and refer people to go to and then for them to click on the Previousy Owned Items For Sale link to view your ad with pictures of your item on the internet.

When you approve of the ad, I will place it on the Previousy Owned Items For Sale page. It will only remain on the site for 1 week, and if your payment of $50.00 is not received by me in one week, your ad will be removed.

Make checks payable to Ron Ludwig
Mail to:
Ron Ludwig
51 Daisy Drive
Mead, 73449, Oklahoma.
Thank you.

When your item has sold, please notify me at the above e-mail address so your ad can be removed.

page revised 08-20-2012