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To register for the Six Old Geezers Fishing Forum message board all you have to do
to send me an email is to click here ->
with your name, your desired USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you want your user name to be separated with a space, then use a underline between the first and last name, as in prune_picker. It will appear on the message board looking like prune picker.None of the following are allowed in USERNAMES OR PASSWORDS, spaces,!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,., commas, (an underline _ is the only "non letter" permissible and only in the user name). And limit user name to no more than 15 characters. Please also include your FULL NAME . Within 72 hrs you will get a confirmation email with your confirmed USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Guidelines / Rules of Conduct

Our message board requires that you sign up to become a member. We do this in order to control content on the board.

No foul language.

We promote a friendly atmosphere for fishermen/women to exchange ideas. Differences of opinions are welcome and are an important part of this format. We do not, however, tolerate those that try to start an argument with every post. If you are looking to agitate people, simply to get a response, this is not the place for you. Warnings will not be issued, and your posting privileges will be revoked.

No personal attacks. If you disagree with someone, state your case intelligently and back it up with facts. I will not tolerate personal attacks. If the behavior continues, you will be banned from posting on the forum.

Do not try to solve personal problems live on the forum.

No jokes of a sexual nature. Just don't post them. We know some are funny, but there are children that browse our forum and we want to set a positive example, if you persist, you will be banned from posting on the forum.

Guides, feel free to post your pictures and reports. Please do not post a short report, then say "go to my site" for more information (or words to that effect) as a way to advertise on this site. Your posting privileges will be revoked. As members become familiar with your postings, they will recognize that you are a guide and find your site on their own.

If you don't agree with the use of guides, keep that information to yourself. Hopefully they will offer a few pointers. Guides offer a wealth of information and we want them visiting and posting on the site on a regular basis.

Fishing related businesses, and other web sites, feel free to promote your services here.

Also, for your information in case you wish to post pictures:

First of all, please be considerate of SOG message board visitors that do not have hi speed internet or a large monnitor and resize your pictures to no more than 640 pixels wide prior to posting on the message board (the default setting on the program is 640 wide, please change that to 450 wide prior to resizing your pictures).
I will delete all photos wider than 650 pixels
THere are numerous "free" resizing programs on the internet, but if you can not find a program to do this, on my home page, click on "Other Items Of Interest". When you get to that menu, click on "Photo Resizer Program" and download that program to your computer. When you resize your pictures, save them under a new file name so you do not lose your original picture, then use the new, resized picture on the message board.

Ok, a simple (I hope) lesson on how to post pictures on the SOG message board.

Step 1: in the "Add a Message" Box, go ahead and enter your text as always. Then skip a space (hit your enter key to do this, and add your picture, using the format shown below)

Here is a picture of my friend and the picture he caught.

\image{picture.jpg} or what every your picture name may be on you computer)

If your are going to add additional pictures then it would look like this:

Here is a picture of my friends and the picture they caught.

\image{picture1.jpg} (or what every your picture name may be on you computer)

\image{picture2.jpg} or what every your picture name may be on you computer)

Once you have done this much, and are ready to upload your pictures to the message board, go ahead and enter your username and password, and the following will appear on your screen (with your name of course, not mine (if you have done it correct so far)
By Ron Ludwig (Prune_Picker) on Monday, June 05, 2006 - 11:46 am: test
And a box with the words "Your Picture Here" will appear here below your text

If the above appears, you are on the right tract. Now click on "Post this Message".A new screen will appear, and click on "browse" to locate where the picture is on you computer.

Once you have found it, click on "open" and when you have done this to all the pictures, go ahead and click on "UPLOAD".

Also, for your information:

You can e-mail anyone on the message board just by clicking on their name. Doing this should bring up your e-mail program automatically withan e-mail with the persons e-mail address already on it.
find under discuss - messages - reg.html>