How to Slab by Prunepicker

How to Fish Slabs by Ron Ludwig, "Prune Picker"

Ron Ludwig, Prune Picker, spent years fishing Lake Texoma, launched the Sixoldgeezers website on July 5, 1999 and then compiled these tips on fishing his Prunepicker Slabs.
Before Ron passed away on November 21, 2012 Ron passed on to Joe McKlemurry, Axman, tips on lure making.
Ax has continued the tradition with Reaxtion Lures which now carries the famous "Prunepicker Slabs" among his product line.

These are Ron's slabbing & fishing tips.

We have been asked ďwhat is the best way to use slabs?Ē
That depends on the depth of water you are fishing in, and the way fish are hitting at the time.
Listed below are some suggestions you might want to try.

Best of fishing to you and enjoy your day on the lake, and if you have the chance, take a youngster, teach them the sport.
There is nothing like seeing a youngster catching fish, it will bring back memories of your first fish.

On June 20th, 2005, John took David and Ron out for some top water fishing. It was slow (like nothing) starting, but once the fish were located, we had a ball. I have been here 16 years, and 10 days, and I finally got my wall hanger, and on a top water plug, not a "Prune Picker Slab". But that's ok, I will settle for it. 24 pounds, 6 ounces, on a black "Poppa Dog".

By Ron "Prune Picker" Ludwig.
This book, published in May of 1997, is about 200 pages of "All I know about fishing", only 1 copy published, and all of the pages are blank. Actually, it was given to Ron for his 63rd birthday, by some close friends, Jack & Virgina