How to Resize Photos for posting on SOG

All photos also need to be in .jpg or .jpeg formats......gif or .png will NOT work
Photos can also be cropped or made sizes other than the automatic 400 pixels.
Directions can be found in the FAQ area at the bottom Resizer site home page.

Resizing & Cropping
1. Go to this FREE resizer site……….
     a. NO download required.
     b. Nothing added to your PC or changes made to it
     c. Resizing is only a 3 step process taking about 45 seconds
     d. Photo cropping can also be done here

2. THREE Step Resizing at webresizer site
    a. “click” choose file to pick your oversized photo from your PC
    b. “click” upload image to upload your photo for re-sizing. This takes about 20 seconds until your photo is displayed
    c. At this point you can “click” download this image located below your photos which will instantly download to the     DOWNLOADS folder in your PC

3. The modified photo in your DOWNLOADS folder is now ready to post on SOG at 400 pixels wide.
    a. This size is great for e-mailing
    b. Looks good on SOG
    c. Allows users with dial-up or slow speed internet to enjoy your photos

4. Follow SOG posting instructions.